I built a filter box around the A/C air intake. The last one didn't have this and the dust made mud inside.
Pipe clamp storage.
Tool and small wood storage. 6X48 Belt/disk sander. Router table.
I found two benches were pretty handy to have.
Tool box and drill press.
Clamp racks and scroll saw
Wood storage. I enclosed the dust collection system in a cabinet to keep the noise down. Works well enough that I forget to turn it off sometimes.
Grinder and router table wiht a custom cabinet.
The lathe with some oak burl clocks on the wall above.
Another view of the benches. Storage drawers made out of baking pans.
Computer used mostly for music until I can get a better Internet connection.
Additional wood storage. Some exotics leaning against the wall.
14" band saw. I added some LED lights under the top cabinet. Much easier to see the work.
The dust collection cabinet.
Belt/disc sander and 13" planer.
Jointer and table saw with a small out feed table.
Small power tool and wood storage
Table saw, benches, and a cedar chest projct on the floor.