Building materials on the ground.
The empty shell. What have I started?
Thinsgs are clean. The celing is in and some of the wiring going in.
Some exterior waal insulation installed.
The celing is starting to go in. Using plywood becasus the celing joist are on 24" centers. Added middle joist one at a time as I went along.
The interior dividing waal between the shop and the garage storage.
The door opening to the garage/outside

Covered up the hole after removing the second overhead garage door.

The new double soor is in and fits well.

Drywall is up on the interior dividing wall.

Hanging the sheet rock.

Coming together more and more.

The door way
The door is in. I eventually replaced that interior door with an exterior steel door.

Inside view of the double door

The A/C unit is in and working!

Getting ready to paint

Added 16" of blown fiberglass insulation. Thank you Mark.

Painted Ceiling.

Paint on the walls

Love all the outlets

The flooring is going in.

Found some plastic wood grained flooring. Figured it wouldn't be a terrible waste if I ever covered it with real wood and it's forgiving if I frop a chisel.


Much nicer than the concrete.
Building the comressor cabinet.